I spent several years learning and practicing various training methods throughout my life and has
learned that the best way to train people is to focus on total fitness, make getting in shape fun, and keep
it time-efficient.  

What you can expect from my training sessions are results, fun, and the biggest bang for your time.  My
training method includes strength training, aerobic exercises, circuit training, agility drills, sprints,
martial arts and flexibility improvement.  

Most of my Boot Camp training sessions are conducted outside to take advantage of the beautiful
outdoors, but I am also available to train at gyms and homes.

I work with all ages and levels, and customize a program for each client based on their goals, fitness
level, and lifestyle.  Some of the core exercises used in the program are calisthenics (push-ups,
crunches, etc.), strength training, PRE (Partner Resistance Exercises), HITT (High-intensity Interval
Training), PIET (Powerful Isometric Exercises), and various aerobic activities.  

Within the training process, I not only help each client reach his/her potential but also teach mental
toughness to learn to push the limits and make fitness a lifelong habit.

I specialize in boot camps, personal training and corporate boot camp program .

Too busy to go to the gym? With Bodifit, the gym comes to you! I will come to your home or office, with all
the equipment you need to get a challenging total-body workout without your leaving your front door.

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Corporate Boot Camp Program.

I offer personal, group, and corporate training.  To get started right away, please contact me at
mercedes@bodifitbymercedes.net or (678)522-2572.

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